Behind the scenes.

  • Chinese master of martial arts meets Henry VIII

    Back in 2013 I travelled to Wellington to be part of a recording team of a New Zealand Symphony Orchestra concert. The programme was full of music by acclaimed Chinese composer Tan Dun.
  • The Piano Concert from HELL!

    I must have been ten or eleven years old, when my piano teacher signed me up to play at a recital. A gaggle of piano teachers got together to let their students show off against another. That's what it seemed to me. I was one of the younger ones and the other players were all much better pianists. The whole experience seemed so unnatural. 
  • It all started when...

    Famous musicians are just normal people. That's something I found out in my early twenties. Back in the 2000s I worked in a dingy, smelly and simply fabulous live music venue in Karlsruhe, Germany - The Substage. It was a converted pedestrian subway. Wide, low, no windows, no neighbours, perfect for a fun party or concert.