Seizure (Psycho-thriller concept album) - Digital Download

Seizure (Psycho-thriller concept album) - Digital Download

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Seizure is an instrumental concept album that follows the story of the psycho-thriller film script by New Zealand film-makers Rajneel Singh and Craig Parkes. Basically, it's a soundtrack to a story. 

It's the story of Penny, who suffers from temporary amnesia, caused by a recent epileptic seizure. She finds herself relying on a boyfriend she cannot remember and despite her best effort does not trust. All the while she's trapped inside a creepy apartment complex that holds dark secrets. Secrets pertaining to herself that should not be uncovered. But soon she begins to suspect that her live-in boyfriend is actually a dangerous psychopath who is conspiring against her.

For the most part, the music is quiet and melodic. Ranging from mystical to melancholic moods, it steadily picks up in intensity and builds to an action-driven final show down. 

Orchestral music is complemented by electronic instruments, an intricate reflection that Adrian Hollay's compositions are firmly anchored in both neo-classical and electronic music styles. 



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